Public Sector

We have experience solving the most difficult data problems for local, state, and federal public sector agencies.

  • – Design and implement platforms that are easily accessible, well-structured, and machine readable to build agency accountability, civic participation, and public trust
  • – Build the tools that create transparent workflows and high-integrity electronic systems that aggregate, consolidate, reconcile, verify, and publish data
  • – Integrate legacy data storage and management systems with a variety of content management system (CMS) and user interfaces
  • – Create web portals and user interfaces that integrate CMS platforms, internal data storage, and other data and information technology systems
  • – Define and measure key performance indicators

Our GSA IT Schedule 70 provides a fast, easy, flexible way to access our innovative data management solutions. We are experts at detailed information architecture, data aggregation and reconciliation, data interoperability and exchange, and cybersecurity. Our many years of experience in open source software, rapid prototyping and implementation, independent verification and validation, and cybersecurity analysis can help you solve your agency’s hardest data problems.

Government executives face unique challenges to adapt and integrate legacy data storage and management systems that keep pace with innovation and best serve their citizens.

Amida’s core team includes data scientists and developers with deep experience in data innovation and problem-solving for city, state, and federal government. Amida’s CEO conceived and led the creation of Blue Button – the most widely used personal health record in the United States – and the Joint Legacy Viewer (now used by almost 100,000 VA and DoD clinicians). Amida’s Chief Architect established and led a municipal innovation lab, and drove the adoption of open source tools in the public sector.

Our public sector clients look to Amida to design comprehensive information frameworks, from detailed schematics and wireframes to modern front-end interfaces and user experiences. Our systems work either as stand-alone applications or attached to your legacy infrastructure.