Nick Osmanski


What does it mean to be a UX/UI Designer at Amida?

As a UX/UI Designer, I conduct usability testing and research that informs the design of digital products. It’s my job to seek out any points of frustration that someone has when using a website. I make sure that the updated designs conform to the actual needs of the person using the site, while keeping the experience as simple as possible.

What are you working on currently, and what is its impact (going to be)?

I’m currently working with the Department of Veterans Affairs to help modernize the digital healthcare experience for Veterans. Every day, thousands of Veterans interact with VA for all kinds of reasons, including talking with their healthcare team, filling prescriptions, and asking questions about benefits. The goal of digital modernization is to make sure that Veterans are able to complete their online healthcare tasks as easily and painlessly as possible.

Which Amida value resonates most with you and why?

Impact is always top of mind for me while working on my project. As a UX/UI designer working with Veterans, I see the impact that my work has on Veterans’ daily experiences interacting with VA. I get to observe and address frustrations that they have with important online interactions, and I have the opportunity to make real improvements to their experience and their lives.

What’s your favorite part of working with the Amida team?

The team at Amida is great to work with. We are a communicative and responsive group. We are simultaneously small enough so that I can have personal interactions with every member, and large enough so that I have flexibility in choosing the projects and product teams that I want to work on. There is a direct line of communication between me and my managers, and I always feel I am able to ask questions or raise issues when needs arise. I also feel like the executive team is genuinely looking out for everyone at the company, and that’s always a feeling you want to have at work!

What are your hobbies or interests outside of work?

Outside of work, I’m usually pursuing some creative side-project. Most recently, I’ve gotten into game development, which has been a fun and challenging way to combine my interests in illustration, animation, and programming.

What’s a fun fact about you?

Though I’m a US citizen, I spent most of my childhood overseas due to my parent’s work with the U.S. State Department. I was born in Thailand, and have lived in eastern and western Africa. I went to high school in Nairobi, Kenya!