Data Architecture

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Problems we solve:

  • Many enterprise data-flow architectures are moribund due to fragmented and incompatible primary sources
  • Core data assets are often poorly standardized and hardly interoperable, and their instrumentation and administration are inadequately automated
  • Isolated business siloes often result in redundancies: the data that fuels services is either presumed to exist (sometimes it does) or created ad hoc (which is why nearly everyone has so many expensive databases)

What we do:

  • Perform Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) and assessments of current-state architecture
  • Perform gap analysis and suggest future-state architectures
  • Right-size and future-proof architectures in ways that properly align business needs with modular, scalable, and API-driven technologies
  • Build data catalogs that ensure data sources are discoverable, maintainable, auditable, and supervised


  • Streamlined data-flow architectures based on modern frameworks and components
  • Sustainable and scalable business operations that provide superior service to end users

Our expertise:

  • Data streams, integrations, and transformations
  • Databases, data warehouses, and data lakes
  • Reference architectures
  • Data flow management
  • Master data management
  • Claims and claims processing

Technologies we use:

  • Data warehousing: Amazon RedShift, Snowflake
  • Database management: PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite
  • Cloud services: AWS, Microsoft Azure
  • Integration tools: Dell Boomi, Informatica, Talend
  • Container solutions: Docker, Kubernetes
  • Data modeling: ER/Studio, Erwin

What we build or enhance:

  • Multi-level architecture diagrams
  • Logical data models
  • Audit reports and technology recommendations
  • High Availability / Disaster Recovery (HA/DR) services
  • Data value chains
  • Implementation roadmaps

Our Approach

Amida’s data architecture framework enables our customers to securely catalog, refine, and curate primary data into a single, authoritative, trusted data source. We work closely with our stakeholders to help them fully understand, optimize, and leverage the data in their systems.

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