Data access, data interoperability,
data management, and data security.

We help you solve your hardest data problems.


We provide vendor-agnostic solutions that lower barriers to interoperability and connection. Our solutions encompass the following:

We normalize data to industry standards, establish governance, and design custom solutions to meet client- and industry-specific needs. Learn more…

We help create and document the data maps necessary to transform discordant upstream sources for consumption by downstream applications. Learn more…

We study organizations’ current or proposed data architectures, and develop data pipelines and process flows to ensure proper alignment between business needs and technologies. Learn more…

We help organizations migrate their data to cloud services that are fast, reliable, scalable, and secure. Learn more…

We help establish mature governance processes that define roles, responsibilities, and operating procedures. Learn more…

We apply artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and natural language processing (NLP) to efficiently and accurately detect patterns in unstructured data in order to extract actionable intelligence. Learn more…


  • ​Data access and collection
  • Data model design and development
  • Data aggregation and reconciliation
  • Cybersecurity and privacy
  • Open government, open data, and open source
  • Information architecture and management
  • Rapid prototyping and implementation
  • Independent verification and validation of enterprise systems
  • Strategic and stakeholder communications


Blue Button

With one click of the “Blue Button,” an individual can download all the data that a healthcare organization has about them. Blue Button empowers individuals to download and review their health data, easily share their health data with third parties, and track their progress. more…What began as a way for Veterans to download health data grew to include all Medicare beneficiaries and has now catalyzed a movement for private companies to provide similar access to health data. Amida’s founding team co-conceived and led the design, implementation, and production deployment of the Blue Button personal health record (PHR) at the VA, and supported its implementation at CMS and the DOD’s Military Health System. Amida has built a library of open source Blue Button and health informatics components that clinical service providers, drug and insurance companies, population health management companies, and employers can use to keep their customers, patients, caretakers, and team informed and healthy. To learn more, download Amida’s Blue Button Overview deck. …less


HL7 FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) is the industry-leading platform specification for health data exchange. FHIR provides the syntax and structure by which sensitive health information is exchanged between authorized stakeholders. more… Amida is among the most experienced teams available to design and implement FHIR-enabled systems for integration with external entities. Our expertise includes FHIR APIs (including CMS integration), FHIR mapping, and FHIR-based data conversion and data exchange. We are proficient in all industry-standard FHIR implementation guides, conformance testing tools, and FHIR servers. …less

Open Source

Open source infrastructure has many advantages, including: easier customization, better interoperability, greater base of service providers, superior cybersecurity, and lower total cost of ownership. more… Many proprietary merchants still offer “take it or leave it” packages, and further bind their customers to a restricted number of approved vendors for installation, configuration, or operation of their information services. In sharp contrast, open source applications are an economical way to stay on the edge of innovation, maintain latitude of provider choice, and deliver robust, rugged, and scalable solutions to internal stakeholders and external partners. …less

Clinical Quality Measures

Many healthcare payers and providers are unable to leverage their data to improve quality of care. Amida helps clients use their data to quickly and inexpensively assess internal performance in near-real time. more…Our tools connect to existing client infrastructure, ingest source healthcare data, and calculate electronic Clinical Quality Measure (eCQM) using a streaming ingestion solution and dashboard. With these insights, payers and providers can proactively identify services that need attention and quickly drive outcome improvements. …less

Health Informatics

Amida is a leader in health informatics and data analytics. Our expertise spans healthcare information systems, data standards, analytic methodologies, and business operations. more…We gather, organize, and interpret health data sets from a variety of sources and formats, and we produce critical insights that enable our clients to make better use of their data. With these insights, we develop context-informed recommendations to achieve administrative requirements and goals so that our clients can improve patient care and drive better health outcomes. …less


Amida has a distinguished track record of cybersecurity innovation and business operations. We provide our customers with the expertise, standard operating procedures, and practical tools that keep them ahead of the problem, and strategic communications to help resolve problems when they occur. more… Data is the final frontier of cybersecurity. Amida is expert in the collection, aggregation, reconciliation and synthesis of the data that protects security and privacy. Enterprises can’t secure what they can’t find – or don’t even know they have. Identifying enterprise vulnerabilities and protecting users’ privacy is paramount. Amida’s innovative data management solutions can help tackle today’s most vexing cybersecurity challenges. …less

Hardware Trust

Complex electronic systems are assembled using components and processes from entities all over the world. Every node in this global supply chain creates a risk of security issues, especially when economic or ideological interests are misaligned. more… Secure manufacturing alone is not enough to combat hardware attacks. Amida is building a prototype security technology based on Design for Security and Trust (DFST) that spans the entire supply chain. This hardware security solution will be robust against attacks, regardless of their origin. Our goal is to provide an industry-wide methodology for the design, manufacture, distribution, and monitoring of secure semiconductor devices. …less

Technology Stack


Our open-source code is available on GitHub’s hosting and collaboration platform. Developers will find dozens of libraries with a broad range of tools to solve health data translation and reconciliation challenges. Click here to access our GitHub repository.