Amida Technology Solutions Welcomes Governor Martin J. O’Malley as Advisor

Submitted by admin on Thu, 07/07/2016 - 11:33

WASHINGTON, DC – Amida Technology Solutions, a Maryland-based open source software company, today announced the addition of former Governor Martin J. O’Malley as an Advisor. O’Malley joins distinguished public-sector leaders Michèle Flournoy, General John R. Allen, Sonal Shah, and Scott Gould in guiding Amida in the creation of software and services that will help NGOs, state and local governments, and private companies to solve their most complex data issues.

As Mayor of Baltimore and Governor of Maryland, O’Malley has been at the vanguard of major innovations in healthcare and cybersecurity, including the successful implementation of the “Chesapeake Regional Information System for our Patients” or “CRISP,” Maryland’s health information exchange, and “CyberMaryland,” an initiative that successfully attracted and convened new cybersecurity firms in the state.

Amida was co-founded by Peter L. Levin, the former Chief Technology Officer of the US Department of Veterans Affairs, the leader of their health record modernization initiative, and the architect of the Blue Button personal health record.

The company’s products include the Data Reconciliation Engine, an open source platform that collects health data from a variety of sources and transforms it into an easy-to-use model; Indaba, a data collaboration platform that assembles distributed knowledge and dispersed expertise into data sets for analysis, dissemination, and resource allocation decisions; and Orange Rx, an integrated mobile application that helps patients to manage their medications for themselves or their dependents, and seamlessly integrates with electronic health record platforms.

Said Levin, “We are deeply honored that Governor O’Malley has chosen to become an advisor to Amida. He shares our deep commitment for a data-driven approach to problem-solving, and he understands the fundamental importance of how fresh, accurate and secure data – when transformed into easily-usable information – can truly improve the lives of everyday citizens.”

Governor O’Malley noted that “I’ve seen first hand the irreplaceable role that technology innovation has in saving lives, creating jobs, and improving our national security. I know that some of the best come from Maryland, a state that punches way above its weight. The team at Amida has an impeccable track record of breathtaking creativity, great market traction, and value-based decision making. They attack our most difficult data problems with open source solutions, and I’m proud to be part of this team.”

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