Alfred Crouch

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AMIDA’S Leadership
Director of Hardware Engineering

A proven team leader, problem solver, innovator, and communicator with a track record of innovation, creating silicon DFT/DFD architectures. Author of the popular industry text, “DFT for Digital IC’s and Embedded Core Systems”; inventor on more than 20 issued patents; provided the founding scan-based technology for both Inovys and Teseda startup companies; extensively published in the fields of test, design-for-test, at-speed scan, debug, yield-analysis, JTAG, IJTAG, 3D test, FPGA-based testers, low-cost DFT-based ATE and hardware assurance cybersecurity (Trojans, counterfeits and anti-tampering); and leader of multiple IEEE/iNEMI standards groups to solve industry problems in Test-Debug, Yield, 3D, Embedded Instrumentation and Test Security.