The mother of all ‘zero-days’ — immortal flaws in semiconductor chips August 29, 2022

The Hill

Notoriously absent from the language of the bill is any mention of chip security. Consequently, the U.S. is about to make the same mistake with microelectronics that we made with digital networks and software applications: Unless and until the government demands in-device security, our competitors will have an easy time of manipulating how chips function and behave.

We Need to Focus on Semiconductors Right Now March 30, 2022

The Hill

The United States still holds a significant edge in the software tools needed for semiconductor design, and many of the manufacturing innovations in materials science and photolithography come from our laboratories; however, practically all advanced electronics are physically fabricated in Asia.

The Case Against the Case Against AI January 7, 2022


AI and ML models are inherently inductive—all their “predictions” are based on the past—and therefore can be deceptively incorrect at the moment it matters most.