Supply chain insecurity threatens national security February 1, 2021


Unless and until the U.S. gets serious about supply chain management generally, and cybersecurity specifically, the world’s most powerful defense establishment will continue to overstress unsustainable force projection instead of more response-nuanced preparation to 21st century threats.

Five ways that health information exchange can help with vaccination efforts February 1, 2021

Brookings TechTank

While the U.S. employed every possible resource to develop the COVID-19 vaccines, we are neglecting to use the best available information technologies to efficiently distribute them. We could do a much better job fighting this pandemical war with weapons we already have.

The U.S. is falling behind in science and engineering, 3 ways to catch up November 30, 2020

Baltimore Sun

The U.S. may not have enough trained people and core competencies to combat climate change, defeat contagious viruses or compete in the growing market for advanced energy systems. There are three decisions we can make that would put the U.S. on proper footing.

Amida Awarded Option Year Renewal of Navy SBIR October 29, 2020


Amida has been awarded an option year renewal of its Phase II Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) contract with the U.S. Department of the Navy to study Cyber Threat Insertion and Evaluation Technology for Navy Ship Control Systems. The research addresses vulnerabilities in military hardware that can be exploited by adversaries.

Amida Awarded $17 Million Data Management Contract Under IT-70 August 12, 2020


Amida has been awarded a three-year, $17 million prime contract from the Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA) of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to support the Modern Claims Processing (MCP) support services program.

Imported Chips Make America’s Security Vulnerable May 26, 2020

Wall Street Journal

Semiconductors underlie many things we take for granted and desperately need. If a digital catastrophe hit, the basic fabric of modern life would take years to recover.

Donna Morea Joins Amida’s Board of Directors August 26, 2019


Amida Technology Solutions, Inc., a DC-based company focused on data management, data security, and information architecture, today announced that prominent software and IT services executive Donna Morea would be joining the company’s board.

Peter L. Levin's Remarks June 1, 2019

Amida Celebrates its 6th Anniversary

Peter L. Levin, co-founder and CEO of Amida Technology Solutions, Inc., delivered remarks on Amida’s goals and values in an address to the team celebrating our 6th anniversary. Click the image above to read the full remarks.

Peter L. Levin's Plenary Remarks at JobKit Launch May 1, 2019

Remarks at the White House

Peter L. Levin, co-founder and CEO of Amida Technology Solutions, Inc., and former CTO at the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, discussed the importance of data management and data access, and how our government is uniquely positioned to leverage both to match workers to jobs, and keep unemployment low. Read the full remarks here.

Amida Presents Three Security-Related Papers at IEEE Conferences November 29, 2018

PR Newswire

Amida Technology Solutions, Inc., a DC-based company focused on data management, data security, and information architecture, delivered a series of security-related research papers at the 2018 IEEE International Symposium on Technologies for Homeland Security and the 2018 IEEE International Symposium on Technology and Society.

Battlefield Internet: A Plan for Securing Cyberspace August 21, 2018

Foreign Affairs

Amida Board member Michéle Flournoy comments on the future of internet security and issues a call to action for changes to American cyber defense.

VA Secretary Nominee Robert Wilkie testifies before Senate July 11, 2018

Wilkie testifies before Senate

Peter L. Levin, co-founder and CEO of Amida Technology Solutions, Inc., and former CTO at the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, joined a panel of experts to discuss the confirmation hearing of  Robert Wilkie.

Amida - Fracking Upstream Data March 30, 2018


Data is key to providing modern and complex problems and providing services in a timely fashion. However, data is often stored or accessed in ways that are single-use and are difficult to extract. 

Joe Biden: To Save and Improve Lives Using Data, Details Matter March 19, 2018


Earlier this month at a national health information technology conference, the Trump Administration announced an initiative to put patients in charge of their own health care data, improve data interoperability, and encourage data-driven innovation to improve patient health and outcomes. 

Peter L. Levin Speaks on Big Data Management October 2, 2017

PR Newswire

This afternoon, Peter L. Levin, co-founder and CEO of Amida Technology Solutions, Inc. (Amida), and former CTO at the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, will discuss “Modern Data Management: Exploring the Root Problem and Way Forward,” at the first ever Washington Big Data conference at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center.

Data Fracking Is Good For Your Health December 21, 2016


More people die from avoidable medical errors than from gunshot wounds, breast cancer, and vehicular accidents combined. 

But the medical data that could save those lives are trapped in multiple layers of paper and obsolete IT systems. Peter shares potential solutions to “frack” and liberate these layers of data to save lives.

Automated War September 5, 2016

Foreign Affairs

How to Think About Intelligent Autonomous Systems in the Military

Open Source Software and the Department of Defense August 30, 2016

Center for a New American Security

Senior leaders across the defense establishment are justifiably concerned about the erosion of U.S. military technical superiority and have recently launched several 

Fear of lost privacy costs lives January 28, 2016

Federal Computer Week

Avoidable medical errors — so-called preventable adverse events, or PAEs — contribute to the deaths of approximately 400,000 Americans each year. 

Imagine a World of Good Data January 28, 2016

Stanford Social Innovation Review

Unless we prioritize government collection, analysis, and distribution of data, public officials will continue to make decisions with limited facts, and citizens will get poorer services from the government than from the private sector.

When will we decide to hit back on cybersecurity? October 9, 2015

The Hill

The recent cyber intrusions into Sony and the U.S. Office of Personnel Management have highlighted to the general public a festering weakness

The Shared Agenda: how patient-centered health information technologies help do… June 15, 2015


Mehret is with Amida Technology Solutions, Ellen is with Medecision, and Peter is with Amida Technology Solutions

Let’s Use Data and Tech to Create a Government that Works June 2, 2015


In 1899, so the fable goes, a hapless director of the patent office suggested to then-President McKinley that the agency be abolished because “everything that can be invented has been invented.”

Amida announces fourth release of the Data Reconciliation Engine and new team m… March 16, 2015

Strategic additions include Scott Gould, Sonal Shah, Dan Boneh, Alec Ross as advisors, and Chantale Wong and Alicia Phillips Mandaville in senior management roles

Amida Releases Enhanced Blue Button Software Component September 2, 2014

PR Newswire

Now includes CMS Blue Button file support and improved matching capabilities Didn't Have to Be a Disaster November 11, 2013

Foreign Affairs

Assigning blame for’s disastrous rollout has been about as entertaining as thrashing about in a room full of piñatas without a blindfold

The Willie Suttons of the Cyberage June 26, 2013

Foreign Policy

Can we stop bad guys from getting into U.S. networks?

Defending Data at the Department of Veterans Affairs June 18, 2013

Foreign Affairs

There is a hilarious scene in the 1991 movie “L.A. Story” in which the protagonist, Harris (Steve Martin, who also wrote the screenplay), is mugged on a busy street as he withdraws cash from an ATM. The cavalier crook happens to be next in an adjacent line of stalkers, and he introduces himself as “your robber today”

Guest Article: Shakespeare in Namespace, or why Blue Button took off as fast as… June 14, 2013

The Healthcare IT Guy

I had the privilege of working with Dr. Peter Levin as an outside technology strategy adviser while he was the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Veterans Affairs during the first Obama Administration

Fixing VA-DOD health system fiasco May 14, 2013


A single, joint, integrated electronic health record system is affordable, fast, and straightforward.